Why Choose Compassion Home Health Care LLC?

We aim to be the best provider of Home Health Care Services in the Twin Cities. We provide skilled services, including Registered Nurses, Licenses Practical Nurses, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Patient Care Assistants. Providing care with compassion, dignity, excellence, respect, integrity, and responsiveness is our goal for each individual. Creating a personalized care plan that is cost-effective, holistic, comprehensive, and integrated. We take pride in servicing a multicultural community with staff that speaks over 15 languages and respect for cultural beliefs as they relate to health care.

We will work at decreasing hospital re-admissions, improving the quality and efficiency of health care as delivered outside and in collaboration with the hospitals and clinics, as well as being highly accessible. We are committed to educating and providing information on complimentary wellness tools as accepted and available to each individual. Our approach to client care will incorporate traditional conventional care as well as a holistic philosophy as it pertains to client needs and preferences. We recognize the importance of mind, body, and spirit as it relates to overall wellness.

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